Apartments Marjana

  • Apartamento
  • Eslovenia
  • Portorož
  • Vojkova 6, 6320 Portorož, Eslovenia
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The Marjana Apartments offer free Wi-Fi and free private parking in a quiet area of Portorož. The property is surrounded by a garden with a barbecue and offers apartments with a kitchen and TV. Local buses stop 50 metres away. The nearest beach is a concrete beach 500 metres away. There is a sandy beach 800 metres away. The centre of Portorož is a 15-minute walk away. There are 3 swimming pools 1 km from the Marjana Apartments. The well-known Parenzana cycle path goes through the Strunjan and Secovlje salt pans and leads to many fascinating places. The marina and main bus station are within a 700 metre radius. Portorož Airport is about 6 km away.

Accommodation services

  • free wifi
  • smoke-free rooms


Useful information


from 14:00h.


until 12:00h.


Fantastic! A 7.8


You can request a service from the airport to the accommodation or vice versa from here.

Frequently asked questions

Some accommodations allow pets, while others do not. Before booking a place to stay, it is important to check the property's policies and description of the accommodation to see if pets are allowed. If the property allows pets, there may be restrictions on the size, type of pet and an additional charge for having pets in the accommodation. In addition, some properties offer additional pet-friendly amenities such as dog-friendly paths around the property and pet toys in the room.
Depending on the accommodation's cancellation policies, cancellation fees may apply. Please check cancellation policies before making your reservation.
Some accommodations offer free parking, while others charge an additional fee. Before booking a place to stay, it is important to check the property policies and accommodation description to see if free parking is offered or if there is an additional charge for parking.
You can pay for your booking through using a credit or debit card or by paying directly at the accommodation. Payment methods accepted by the accommodation may vary. Please check the property's policies before making your reservation.
Once you have made your booking, you will receive a confirmation email from with your booking details. Be sure to check your spam folder in case the email does not appear in your inbox.
The accommodation cost in Apartments Marjana fluctuates depending on the details of your reservation, such as duration and accommodation policies. Select the dates of your stay to know the exact price.
Yes, Apartments Marjana offer free Wi-Fi and free private parking.
The nearest cement beach is 500 meters from Apartments Marjana. There is also a sandy beach 800 meters away.

Customer feedback

Staff 9.50

Comfort 7.80

Quality 8.50

Cleaning 8.30

Location 6.40

Equipment 6.70

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